Who Are You? – Gamer and Gaming Culture


You have probably heard the terms “gamer” and “gaming culture” being thrown around before. When someone refers to a person as a gamer, what comes to your mind? A person who lives in the basement and plays video games all day and night? Did you know that gamers are so much more than playing video games? They have helped develop some of the best games we now have out there and are amongst the most creative individuals I have ever met.

I’m a gamer myself and have found that there are many levels of gamers out there. I have played everything from Dungeon’s and Dragons to Dark Souls 2. Some gamers prefer PC gaming and others prefer consoles like PS4. A friend of mine plays the more non-stressful games on the market, brain challenging adventures and such. But hard core gamers, the ones who have to try every game out there, would not consider her to be a true gamer. Gamer is a broad classification that is used for anyone who has an interest in gaming that goes above the “norm”. I came up with a list of gamer categories that I have come across through the years:

  • Casual gamer  to me this is someone who plays games on their mobile phone or plays things like Minecraft and has a console but only uses it for sports games or those crazy sing along and dancing games.
  • Core Gamer  this is a person who has a console and tends to play every majorly released game that hits the market.
  • Hardcore Gamer – here we have a person who has owned just about every console out there along with a high tech gaming PC that runs Steam. They play, or have played, almost every mainstream game out there.
  • Competitive Gamer – some competitive gamers scare me. I mean they really get into the game! They tend to play the multiplayer online games and thrive on the competition of beating quests, other players, and levelling up.
  • Sports Gamer  this would be a person who is uber enthusiastic about sports related games.
  • MMO Gamer  This is your World of Warcraft type group. They tend to play these games religiously…for many hours straight…everyday.

What about the video game culture? Simply put, it is a media culture which has been highly influenced by video games. But it becomes something more than this when you are part of it. It’s a community, a way of life. The gaming culture has spawned new fads and has had a huge influence on mainstream culture today. You can see its impact today in movies, music, TV shows and even politics. Video games are believed to have a hand in how we grow and thrive to some degree. Some will say this is a negative thing where others will feel it’s something positive because it’s brought out creativity in people who may not have had an outlet otherwise. It’s also given people a way to connect with others, to learn to work together as a team in some respect.

Yes there are pro’s and con’s to being a gamer and immersing oneself in the whole gaming culture. But I, for one, am proud to say that I am a Gamer.