The Amazing Fireplace at the Arcade

A heritage building is very special to behold. It has historical value, appealing design features, and emotional associations having been around for so long. Most towns have one or two that are landmarks. In my area, there is one that is the location of one of my favorite game arcades. There are several, but this one has a special place in my heart. No other place is quite like it. It seems odd for a game venue, but in actuality is perfectly suited to the pursuit.

The façade is all brick with traditional classical accents like pediments and Greek columns. It is a feast for the eye. Here and there are flat pilasters with Corinthian capitals. It’s just the right amount of ornate detailing. The front door jambs are carved stone. It may be standard style as heritage goes, but it is unique in my neighborhood. These buildings are becoming rare as they are being replaced during gentrification of older urban areas. It is a shame and public outcry will have to save these lovely landmarks.

So, that being said, I love this arcade and go frequently. It has been restored inside for its new contemporary purpose. It was probably an office building of some type long ago, probably not a factory or warehouse. The walls are modern now and sleek. Lighting is designed for gamers like me. However, there is a surprise. A room off to one side of the main area has been left intact from the old days. It is a nice size and contains an amazing huge fireplace that had been modernised with a fireplace insert so that they could run it without interfering with the gaming machines. It is completely old world and the focal point for anyone who enters, intentionally or by accident. It could have been a library or meeting area. Now it houses special groups and parties upon request—not just for games. The fireplace adds so much warmth and atmosphere to a special occasion. It seems at odds with gaming, but really isn’t given the exterior style. Video games are now and the building is then; but it all works somehow.

What I like about the focal point fireplace is the placement in the room and the wonderful materials. It has a gorgeous carved wood mantle no doubt fashioned by a talented artisan with amazing skills. This kind of craftsmanship is rare these days. It is one of the Finest Fires I’ve ever seen! It has a rather simple brick construction with inlaid tile detailing—just beautiful to behold. Brass antique andirons grace one side. Granite completes the look in front of the hearth. I think most locals don’t realize the gem that exists at this particular arcade. With this blog, now you know!

In the winter, they light the fire using real logs—no gas. It is warm and cozy as a result, great on those rainy and/or cold days. I am thinking of renting the room for a birthday bash in the near future. I think my friends will be pleasantly surprised. It is a unique option and on the top of my to-do list. I am thinking about the guest list as I write.