Fish & Games

I find myself in the arcade quite often as you might have guessed. Arcade games can be about anything and everything, even fish. Competitive as I am, I want to excel when I indulge. Maybe a digital fish finder will do the job for the particular game I have in mind. The real ones work quite well for catching actual fish I am told. Why not go digital. Just what is this device anyway? I went online and saw a few of these odd high-tech gadgets that look like a cross between a smart phone (the screen part) and a mini TV. Wow, some are really expensive! Well over a thousand bucks. They talk about sonar imaging and chart plotting and scaling technology. I am impressed. Now how to use a computer fish finder is the pertinent question if there is such an animal.

This is maybe more a joke than reality, but I am amusing myself with the concept as I stand before one game that adds up points for various types of exotic fish caught. The rare ones, of course, earn the most. Surely I can develop an edge with a little help from my friend. Maybe it will activate a magical magnet that acts like a lure. I will set it on certain fish images and it won’t be cheating at all! Just a skill enhancer of sorts. When the desired one appears, zap. It is mine! The finder will always reveal what is under the digital water.

I am starting to enter that creative area where my mind wanders off into another realm. I am zoning out. I am imaging the perfect finder that I design myself. No more joke. I will make them for different arcade games and will even customize them for an ample price. I am not limited to fish. I see a lucrative new industry emerging with my name on it. It will revolutionize the whole field. You will need skill, and thus it will continue the fair functioning of traditional arcade games. Users will have to learn all the options and adjustments. They could be computerized finders or hand-held items. There could even be an app installed on a smart phone. I am not sure yet of the exact nature of this thing I have in mind. I need to consult with an electronics expert who will keep it a secret or become an ally. I will buy a cheap fish finder for now and study it to death. Its inner workings will become a template with a new purpose. I am getting quite agitated and excited. I hope you are still with me.

I suppose I will need seed money for capital before I begin. I plan to contact the Shark Tank show on TV. They will go for it and hopefully fund the whole process. It’s a money maker! That’s all they care about. For me, it is about pushing arcade games into the future and it is long overdue.