Gaming Cosplay

Are you a true gamer? Do you want to know what it is like? Let me give you an example of a day in the life. It is all about cosplay which is short for costume play. Never heard of it? It is a kind of performance art involving cosplayers who wear costumes, down to the smallest accessory. You pick your character and this new world becomes your hobby. It comes from Japan dating back to the 1990s and remains to this day in that this subculture is so much fun. Participants are growing.

If you like role-playing this is for you. You can be any character from anime, comic books and cartoons, not to mention video games and live-action movies and TV series. Anything goes. The only difference between cosplay and acting a part is that it does not take place in a theater. The costumes are the main part of the fun. I give a lot of attention to mine. I love it when I can show off my latest character at a fan convention. Meanwhile, we keep in touch as a group via social media. There are always activities scheduled.

When I prepare for an outing, I get out all the pieces that go with my costume. As mentioned, it is from popular media, most often science fiction. This means that it is extravagant and colorful. You can assemble your costume yourself or buy a kit. That is the easy route for beginners, but I chose to collect what I need over time. You do what it takes to get the look right. I also have a few prop “weapons” that go with my character and imbue it with reality. You need various raw materials including wigs, hair dye, assorted types of cloth and sewing notions, liquid latex, and body paint. I add costume jewelry and tons of makeup all the way down to having some Eyelashes to Die For. No, it is not like Halloween. This is an art form.

When I am finished dressing and have done the right makeup and have put on the wig or a headpiece, I am ready to go. I document today’s look for Instagram and Facebook. I get posts from fellow gamers with their new costumes on display. I can’t wait to get to my destination. There is no better social interaction for me. Sometimes I try to look appealing and attractive and other times I like to be fierce and scary. In this strange world, anything goes—the odder, the better. You “present” yourself to your gaming public in all your costumed glory. The epitome of a venue is Comic-con each year. I can’t always attend but I have once or twice. It is a veritable feast for the eyes and the mind. It is all about a fantasy life and tickling the imagination. I even went abroad for the London Super Comic Convention. You can hang with me if I ever see you anywhere.